Long-Term Disability Insurance for Lawyers: A Financial Safeguard When Injury or Illness Prevent You from Working

Are you young and healthy?

Do you have stable financial footing?

No matter how secure you feel, you can use the protection of disability income insurance. By safeguarding yourself and your income now, while you are healthy and financially stable, you ensure coverage later, when you may need it most.

What makes ABE-sponsored Long-Term Disability Insurance for lawyers different?

  • Own occupation definition of disability: This is an important feature where you can receive benefits for up to 5 years when you are totally disabled and unable to perform your regular job or specialty - not just "any job."
  • Completely portable: Your coverage protects you as long as you are an ABA Member and under age 65, regardless of your employment.
  • Unique charitable giving feature: Dividends donated to the ABE help support over 200 legal research, public service and educational programs and make you eligible for a charitable contribution deduction on your tax return.

Check out the Disability Insurance Plans available exclusively for ABA lawyer Members (including a Retirement Contribution Disability Plan that continues to fund your qualified retirement savings) to determine which best meets your disability protection needs.

What if my firm already provides disability insurance?

When it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all. The coverage you qualify for through your employer may be limited, not measuring up for long-term disabilities or not providing enough to meet your financial obligations, such as your mortgage, living expenses, children's college education, retirement savings and assets, and care for your aging parents. Plus, many employer plans have a maximum time period on coverage (e.g. 2 years), which may leave you unprotected if your disability lasts longer, and many plans are subject to tax, which may reduce disability income by 20-30 percent. And, once your employment is over with a particular firm, so too may be your coverage.

How do I know if I have enough disability insurance?

Do a quick online analysis to help determine how much protection you need to help you meet your financial obligations should a disabiling illness or injury occur. Please contact your ABE Personal Insurance Representative to discuss your specific needs and goals.


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Underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. All ABE-sponsored plans are group insurance plans, meaning coverage is issued to an ABA Member under a Certificate of Insurance. It is not provided under an individual policy, nor is it employer/employee insurance. Plans may vary and may not be available in all states.

"Philanthropy is very important to me and my family. The ABE offers a great vehicle for managing charitable giving called the Charitable Gift Fund (CGF). The CGF allows ABA Members to make a donation for which they receive an immediate tax deduction. ABE handles all the paperwork, so philanthropy becomes what it should be - easy!"

Disability Insurance for Lawyers

- I. S. Leevy Johnson
ABA Member/ABE Director
ABE Member since 1968

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