Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Plan

Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company

Supplemental Financial Protection For The Unexpected

You can't protect yourself from accidents. What you can do is help safeguard yourself and your family from the financial results accidents can cause. When you enroll in the ABE-sponsored AD&D Insurance Plan, you will be insured for up to $500,000 for covered accidents and be better prepared for their related costs, like medical and legal expenses, in addition to any other life insurance you may have. And, as an ABA Member, your acceptance in this plan is guaranteed. Don't wait until it's too late.

Notice: This Coverage Is Not Available To Residents of Vermont or Washington.

You Choose Whether To Cover Your Whole Family, Or Just Yourself.

As an ABA Member under age 72 and a resident of the U.S. (except Vermont or Washington), or the U.S. Virgin Islands, you are eligible to apply for this coverage. You also have the option of insuring your lawful spouse and any unmarried, dependent children up to age 25. A Domestic Partner (DP) is defined as an eligible dependent. (Click here for a Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form.) The Group Policy provides the same benefits for parties to a Civil Union as are granted to a spouse in marriage for residents of any state that so mandates. Simply select the coverage limits that best meet your needs. Please refer to the Schedule of Benefits for exact coverage amounts and rates. The premium will vary with the amount of benefits.

You Choose How Much Coverage You Need For Your Family.

Your spouse is eligible for an amount of coverage from $250,000 up to $500,000; spouse amount cannot exceed yours. You can also choose to cover your dependent children for either $25,000 or $50,000. The Principal Sum for Member, spouse, and child(ren) will reduce 50% at Member age 72.

NOTE: If both you and your spouse are ABE Members, you may both select the Member plan. In that case, neither of you may insure the other as a spouse, and you must carry all your dependent children under only one certificate.

You Are Covered Around The Clock... Around The Year... Around The World.

You're covered at home. On the job. On vacation. Anywhere in the world. The ABE-sponsored AD&D Insurance Plan is there for you. (Subject to U.S. Government Regulations.)

You Enjoy A Common Carrier Travel Benefit.

To make this plan an even better value for Members, the ABE-sponsored AD&D Plan pays an additional 10% of the benefit payable if the loss is the result of an accident while a passenger on a common carrier (as a passenger on a plane, train, taxi or other qualified common carrier), properly operated and licensed for the transportation of passenger for hire.

Your Benefits Are Paid In Addition To Any Other Insurance.

No matter what other coverage you may own, benefits are payable in full. (You may be insured under only one ABE-sponsored AD&D plan.)

Your Premiums Don't Increase Because Of Your Age.

Unlike many other types of insurance, the cost of the ABE-sponsored AD&D Plan does not go up as you get older. The only way for your rates to be raised is if the rate structure for the entire plan is changed.

You May Name Any Beneficiary You Wish.

You may name one or more beneficiaries on your coverage. Your beneficiary is the person last designated by you in writing and recorded as such by, or on behalf of, New York Life. You are the beneficiary for the Spouse Coverage. If you wish to designate a different beneficiary on the Spouse Coverage, contact the ABE. You are irrevocably the beneficiary on the Child Coverage. You may assign ownership of your certificate to anyone you wish. Forms are available from the ABE.

Your Policy Comes With Survivor Benefits.

If you should die, your spouse can continue this insurance as long as premiums are paid when due and the group policy is not terminated by New York Life or the ABE. The surviving spouse is not eligible to increase the Principal Sum.

You Have The Right To A 30-Day No-Obligation Review.

Say "YES" to the ABE-sponsored AD&D Plan at no risk. We'll send you a certificate that you can review for 30 days. If there's anything you're not pleased with, just return it within that time, without claim. We'll cancel your insurance and refund any premium paid. No questions asked.

When Coverage Begins.

You will be fully covered on the first of the month, after we receive your Enrollment Form, provided the premium is paid within 31 days after being billed. If you are hospitalized on that date, your insurance will begin on the first day of the month following your release. Your family's insurance starts when yours does, unless your dependent is in the hospital. If this is the case, your dependent will be covered on the first day of the month following release.

When Coverage Ends.

You cannot be singled out for cancellation of your coverage, as long as you pay your premiums on time, remain an ABA/ABE Member, and the Group Policy is not terminated by the ABE or New York Life Insurance Company. And, though you must be under age 72 to enroll, you can renew your coverage as long as you live. Dependent coverage will end when yours does, or for your spouse, when he/she becomes an insured Member or ceases to be your lawful spouse, whichever comes first. Child coverage can continue as long as the child is eligible, until termination age 19 (25 if a full-time student).


The exclusions are:

  1. A loss that occurs during or results from travel in, on, or descent from an in flight aircraft, unless traveling solely as a passenger on a licensed, commercial, nonmilitary aircraft;
  2. A loss that occurs during or is due or related to participation in or incarceration resulting from - in a role other than as victim - the commission of a crime or illegal occupation or activity;
  3. A loss due or related to sickness or disease or medical or surgical treatment thereof, except bacterial infection which occurs as a result of accidental cut, wound, or an ingestion of contaminated materials;
  4. A loss that occurs during or is due or related to military service or war or any act of war, whether declared or undeclared;
  5. A loss due or related to suicide, attempted suicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injury while sane or insane. Missouri residents: Benefits will not be paid for death or dismemberment resulting from suicide, attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury if New York Life can show that such act was intended at the time of application.
  6. A loss that occurs during or is due or related to any medical, dental or surgical treatment unrelated to the accident.

Your Covered Losses Are Paid As Follows.

Benefits will be payable for covered losses...up to 365 days after the date of the accident. The total benefit payable for all losses due to a single accident will not be more than the Principal Sum unless covered loss is the result of an accident on a common carrier. See "10% Additional Common Carrier Benefit" for details.

Schedule of Benefits

Accidental Death Full Amount
*Loss of two hands or two feet Full Amount
*Loss of sight of both eyes Full Amount
*Loss of one foot and one hand Full Amount
*Loss of one hand and one eye or loss of one foot and one eye Full Amount
*Loss of speech and hearing Full Amount
Loss of one foot or one hand or one eye One-half Amount
Loss of speech or hearing One-half Amount
Loss of thumb and index finger of the same hand One-fourth Amount

*Benefits for these losses will be payable only when such double loss occurs as a result of a single accident.

Loss of hand or hands, or foot or feet, means severance at or above the wrist joint or ankle joint respectively. Loss of one eye or eyes means the total and irrecoverable loss of the entire sight thereof. Loss of speech or hearing means the total and irrecoverable loss thereof. Loss of hearing which can be corrected by the use of any hearing aid or device shall not be considered an irrecoverable loss. Loss of thumb and index finger of the same hand means severance of two or more entire phalanges of both the thumb and index finger. To receive benefits, loss must be independent of sickness and all causes other than the accident.

Schedule Of Benefits And Quarterly Premiums

How Your Assignment of Dividends to ABE Works - Your Plan's Unique Charitable Giving Feature

Founded by the ABA in 1942, the American Bar Endowment is a §501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization composed of Members of the American Bar Association. ABE makes annual grants to the American Bar Foundation and ABA Fund for Justice and Education to fulfill ABE’s charitable purpose of improving the administration of justice, one of our profession’s highest obligations, by funding research, public service and educational projects in the field of law. ABE also maintains a Legal Legacy Fund for the permanent support of its grantees. By participating in the Endowment’s group insurance programs, designed for and available only to ABA Members, Members can contribute to these efforts. Attorneys who enroll in ABE-sponsored insurance programs agree that their share of any dividends paid on the policies may be retained by the Endowment for its charitable purposes unless reclaimed as outlined below. The Internal Revenue Service has ruled that Members who leave their dividends with the Endowment are eligible for a charitable contribution deduction on their individual income tax returns.

Members who donate dividends to ABE make a difference. These funds, after administrative expenses, are the primary source of ABE’s charitable grants and additions to the Legal Legacy Fund. Insured Members who donate their dividends help meet their professional and public responsibilities, as well as obtain valuable coverage for their families. About 85% of Members donate their dividends; these Members are notified each year by late January of the amount, if any, of their dividend donation for the prior year. (Dividends are not guaranteed, and in any given year, a given plan may not pay dividends; dividends will vary from year to year.)

Members who wish to request a refund of their dividends may do so. The approximate percentage of premium available for refund (if any) on each plan will be published in each November issue of the ABA Journal. You do not need to wait for this information as refund requests are accepted beginning January 1. To request that dividends be paid to you rather than donated to ABE: After the first policy year of your participation, a written request for refund (by mail, fax, or e-mail to dividends@abendowment.org) must be made each year and must reach the Endowment by December 15. When ABE receives your refund request, it will send a confirmation. Retain this for your records as proof your request was timely received. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 weeks, contact the ABE promptly to obtain another copy. (Special instructions for new applicants are contained in the application and apply to dividends, if any, during the first policy year only.)

Dividend checks and/or contribution notices for your tax return are mailed by late January. If you receive a contribution notice and you did not intend to make a contribution, you may request a one-time waiver of the December 15 deadline by asking for a refund, if you have not previously requested such a waiver.

Please note: Members who do not want to contribute dividends to ABE must make a written request for refund each year, using the procedures above. When Members sign the application, they are agreeing to make an annual decision whether to contribute. Do not sign the application if you do not agree with these procedures.

THIS IS A SUMMARY of the principal provisions of the group insurance program offered through the American Bar Endowment for its Members. IT IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED A CONTRACT OF INSURANCE. The complete terms of the program are set forth in the Group Policy G-11461-0 issued by New York Life Insurance Company.

The Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010, under Group Policy G-11461-0 on Policy Form GMR-FACE/G-11461-0. Domiciled and principal place of business in New York; licensed in all States. NAIC identification number 66915.

Bonny Czarny is licensed in AR, Ins. Lic. #404091 and in CA., Ins. Lic. #0H99426.

We will be happy to answer your questions. Just call 1-800-621-8981 or e-mail us at information@abendowment.org

"Philanthropy is very important to me and my family. The ABE offers a great vehicle for managing charitable giving called the Charitable Gift Fund (CGF). The CGF allows ABA Members to make a donation for which they receive an immediate tax deduction. ABE handles all the paperwork, so philanthropy becomes what it should be - easy!"

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- I. S. Leevy Johnson
ABA Member/ABE Director
ABE Member since 1968

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